Software engineer and Linux system administrator based in Indonesia.

About Me

Welcome to my personal website! I'm Ditatompel, a software engineer and Linux system administrator based in Indonesia. I've been fascinated by computer science and technology since I was introduced to the concept of customizing social networking sites like Friendster using CSS and JavaScript.

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work on various projects, experiment with different technologies, and learn new programming languages. As a Linux system administrator, I've also gained hands-on experience managing and troubleshooting various Linux-based systems. My professional career in software development began 12 years ago (2011-11-10T00:24:11Z). Since then, I've been steadily working on building my skills.

Some notable milestones from my journey include:

  • Maintaining 165 repositories (3.07 GB of disk space) with a mix of private and public projects
  • Joining 3 organizations and collaborating with other developers
  • Pushing a total of 14,299 commits to my repositories

These efforts have resulted in:

  • 210 automated deployments
  • Closure of 366 issues
  • Merging of 1470 pull requests
  • Currently, I have 32 open issues that I'm actively working on resolving.

In the past 30 days, you can find me coding primarily with Neovim (203.41 hours, 98.63%) and  Vim (2.82 hours, 1.37%)  on Linux operating system (100%). My top 5 most-used programming languages are:

  1. Go (107.88 hours, 52.31%)
  2. Rust (21.88 hours, 10.61%)
  3. C (10.78 hours, 5.23%)
  4. gitcommit (9.88 hours, 4.79%)
  5. Zig (9.87 hours, 4.79%)

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If you want to contact me, have some questions, need some help, content removal, or bugs report, please contact me using one of the listed media below.


Find my email addresses from my GPG key below:

  • GPG Key: 4096R/77950979
  • Fingerprint: 72D9 225A 5946 08FF 7EE4 2041 31D3 D06D 7795 0979

You can also find my PGP public key from pgp.mit.edu public key server.

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"Because no matter how smart we are, our first 100K lines of code in each programming language we wrote was garbage. Our first 50 bare metal servers we managed were a complete mess."

Ditatompel, a forgetful person after forgetting to turn off EC2 instances.